And the rest

For the undecided

Oven-baked Quesadilla (26cm)

Our spin on a Mexican favourite! Two tortillas sandwiched together with mozzarella cheese and your choice of toppings – fired to perfection in our pizza oven!

ChickenWith peppadews, feta, avo*R84
MinceWith chili, garlic, green peppers, onionR79

Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot Pizza
Tikka VegChilli, garlic, green peppers, onion, feta,
pepperdews, cheddar cheese

And the rest…

SingleWith Fries
Chicken NuggetsChoice of sauce: sweet and sour OR sweet tangy sauceR49R60
Pork Rib Combo600g ribs with chips OR saladR170
Rack of 600g Pork RibsR156
FriesSmall portion for twoR29
Large portion for fourR49

Prices subject to change without notice / E A OE.
* Avo availability is seasonal