Burgers, Subs and Sandwich Rolls

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SingleWith Fries
Chicken BurgerPure chicken filletR48R60
Chicken Cheese BurgerPure chicken fillet - with cheeseR56R68
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaRockstar Chicken BurgerGrilled chicken, jalapeño, feta, avo*, rocketR64R76
Beef Burger100% pure beef pattyR54
Beef Cheese BurgerR62R74
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaRockstar Beef BurgerBeef patty, jalapeños, feta, avo*, rocketR68R80
Big J. Beef BurgerBeef patty, bacon, cheese, caramelised red onionR80R92
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaSteak Prego RollSirloin steak in our secret prego sauceR60R72
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaChicken Prego RollGrilled chicken Fillet in our secret famous prego sauceR53R65
FriesSmall portion for twoR29
FriesLarge portion for fourR49


Toasted Subs

20cm – Spread with garlic butter, added fillings and toasted with mozzarella cheese.

Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaNonnaBacon or chicken, feta, avo*R66
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaPrimaveraSalami, bacon, chili, pineapple, green pepperR70
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaSpicy Chicken OR Mince (hot or mild)Chicken OR Mince, chili, garlic, green pepper, onionR66
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaSteak SubSteak, sauteed onions in a light prego sauceR74
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin New PizzaSalami SubSalami, ham, mushroom, onion, olives, garlicR69
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaSpare Rib & Jalapeño SubMarinated spare rib strips and jalapeñosR66


Sandwich Roll New Improved Recipe

20cm Sandwich Roll – Freshly-made choice of:

Chicken Mayo RollChicken and mayoR52
Salami RollSalami, mustard, tomato slices, gouda cheeseR55
Ham RollHam, mustard, tomato slices, gouda cheeseR55
Chicken & Bacon RollChicken , crispy bacon, onion and
tampico sauce
Cheese RollMozarella cheese, tomato slices, lettuceR46
Steak RollSirloin steak with braised onion and green peppersR69


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