With your choice of Fettuccine, Penne or Spaghetti pasta.
Gluten-free pasta available – Add R24 and about 20 minutes.
All sauces freshly prepared on order. Add a creamy blue cheese sauce for R20.


New Recipe




Classic Pastas


Chicken Pesto Semplice(Request for optional creamy sauce) Chicken strips cooked in a basil pesto oilR94
BolognaiseTopside mince, herbs & spices in a Napolitana sauceR96
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaLucys Pizza Helderkruin Vegetarian PizzaArrabbiataNapolitana sauce with chili, garlic & spicesR80
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaPortuguesaChouriço and vegetables in extra virgin olive oil with a splash of napolitana sauce and a touch of chili and garlicR98
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Vegetarian PizzaPortuguesa (veg option)(Remove Chouriço)R84
Creamy Mushroom with BeefBeef strips in a creamy mushroom sauce with sprinkled parmesanR120
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin New PizzaPrawn & Chicken Curry PastaPrawn meat and chicken in a creamy sauce with garlic, curryR150
AlfredoHam, mushroom in a creamy sauce with sprinkled parmesanR95
Creamy ChickenChicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce with sprinkled parmesanR105
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin New PizzaSpaghetti La LimoneLemon Chicken, broccoli, parmesan blessed with light creamR99


Wood-fired Pasta Oven baked and topped with mozzarella cheese


LasagneLayers of pasta filled with mince OR chicken then baked to perfectionR98
Panzerotti Spinach OR ButternutHalf-moon pasta pillows lled with ricotta and spinach OR butternut in a tomato cream sauceR96
RavioliPasta squares filled with mince, blessed with tomato and bechamel sauceR98
Macaroni & CheeseBechamel sauce, cheddar and mozzarella cheeseR90


Prices subject to change without notice / E A OE.