Unless specified, there’s no oreganum on our pizzas. It’s not everyone’s taste but if you want it – ask for it as a free extra!

Available On Request

Wheat & gluten-free Base 30cm R42

Low Carb Base 30cm R42 (Low Carb, Banting)

Vegan Cheese R26

Choice of cauliflower, pumpkin or courgette base


New Recipe




Original Pizzas


MargheritaNaplitana sauce, oreganumR62R88
ReginaHam, mushroomsR78R105
HawaiianHam, pineappleR78R105
VegetarianMushrooms, onion, green pepper, artichokes, olivesR80R110
Chicken PapalinaChicken strips in our sweet and sour sauceR82R114
Quattro FormaggiFeta, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan. Add Pepperoni (R22)R78R110
Tasty Mince PizzaMince Bolognaise, garlic and sweet chilli sauceR88R120
Del GrecaFresh spinach, feta, cherry tomato, olives, mushroomR82R112
Mamma's Chicken MayoChicken with mayonnaiseR84R115
Santa MariaTomato slices, mushrooms and avo* drizzled with fresh chilli oil over fresh basilR84R115
Chicken Liver Pizza
(hot or mild)
Chicken livers, chilli, garlic, onion, green pepperR78R110
BBQ ChickenChicken, pineappleR88R115

Classic Pizzas


Spicy Chicken OR MinceSpicy Chicken OR Mince, chili, garlic, green pepper, onion (hot or mild)R90R132
Four SeasonsHam, mushrooms, artichokes, olivesR86R125
Rib PizzaMarinated spare rib strips. Add Jalapenos (R14)R90R130
SantoriniBasil Pesto, cocktail tomato, halloumiR110R148
Pepperoni PizzaPepperoni, salami, parmesanR99R138
LucianoBacon, ham, green pepper, mushroomR94R132
SantanaChicken, bacon, fetaR94R132
NapoliAnchovies, kalamata olives, capersR90R124
NonnaBacon OR chicken, feta, avo*R90R130


Speciality Pizzas


PescaraMarinara seafood mix, prawn meat & avo*R110R144
RomaSalami, ham, mushroom, onion, olives and garlicR105R144
PepperoniPepperoni, salami, parmesanR99R138
MilanoBacon, feta, peppedew, avo*, fresh rocketR115R150
Nacho LibreMince OR Chicken, peppadews, nachos, cheddar cheese, avo*R118R158
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaLucys Pizza Helderkruin Vegetarian PizzaHalloumi PizzaHalloumi, peppadews, jalapeños, caramelised onionR120R155
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaPrimaveraSalami, bacon, chili, pineapple, green pepperR110R144
Brie-AnnaChicken, cranberry sauce, brie cheese, peppadews, avo*, fresh rocketR120R155
Al's Steak PizzaSteak, caramelised red onion, feta, peppadewR112R150
MafiaBeef mince, salami, ham, caramelised red onion, feta, olivesR130R168
Al CaponeBeef mince, steak, ham, bacon, mushroomsR130R168
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin Hot PizzaLucys Pizza Helderkruin Vegetarian PizzaLa BellaSalami, chilli, onion, mushroom, capers, green peppersR110R144
BiltongBiltong & avo*R148
Don VitoChicken, bacon, mushrooms, pineapple, green peppersR100R140
CarniChouriço, ham, salami, baconR120R155
Lucys Pizza Helderkruin New PizzaPrawn & CalamariPrawns, calamari, garlic, pepperdews, halloumiR180
AntonioChicken, peppadews, pineapple, Avo*R110R146


Additional Toppings


Fresh basil, fresh rocket, cherry tomato, mushroom, green pepper, banana, spinachR14
Artichokes, black olives, kalamata olives, capers, jalapeno, pineappleR16
Avo*, basil pesto. caramelised red onion, cheddar, feta, parmesan cheeseR18
Bacon, brie cheese, chicken, chourico, feta, ham, pepperdews, salami, mince, pork strips
Mozzarella cheese, blue rock soft cheese, salami, steak, pepperoniR22
Anchovies, biltong, halloumiR38
Parma Ham 100gR58
Norwegian Smoked Salmon 80gR52
Condiment Pack – chopped chilli, crushed garlic, grated parmesanR35


Prices subject to change without notice / E A OE.
* Avo availability is seasonal